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Sooner or later, each of us begins to pay special attention to our health and lifestyle. Today, we are taught that specialists (consultants) in proper nutrition are not scary ladies and gentlemen who will put you on a "bread and water" diet, but coaches (mentors) who develop a personal menu and help you develop the right eating and mental habits.

For myself, I understood that to spread information about health and beauty to the masses, I needed to start with myself. To lead by example and set the right tone. I realized that there is no "magic wand" or unique methodology; the main uniqueness is the systematic application of new habits every day. Nature has instilled in us instincts that regulate the relationship between hunger and satiety. However, society, which has changed significantly, leaves its mark and suppresses the voice of the body. Food has become much more accessible, and now we often eat not because we're hungry, but out of boredom, or with someone for company...

In my brainchild "Everyday Dietitian", I taboo the word "diet" and lapses. Our task is to build a system of nutrition and thinking in such a way that the body receives enough nutrients, and the energy balance remains in deficit.

We will analyze your week and draw up a menu so that weight normalization occurs effectively, reliably, and safely. We will prioritize your life and minimize stressful situations that destroy your health.

Changes in habits will enter your life in small steps and will remain with you every day and inevitably!

How can I help you?

By working with me, you get RESULTS:

  • you improve your quality of life
  • you improve your level of health
  • you work on your weaknesses and increase personal effectiveness
  • you restore life balance

Our task together: Analysis-Strategy-Planning-Achievement of the goal!

I have the right to communicate with people and give recommendations based on the issues I have resolved for myself: abscesses and boils all over the body in huge quantities, joint inflammation (coxarthrosis), hernias in the lumbar and thoracic spine, severe neck pain, smoking, alcohol addiction, excess weight, severe nervous tension. I have been through this, and I know very well "what it's like"... I am confident that nutrition and psychological practices solve these problems. The daily routine tailored "to me" in the direction of nutrition and small practices works wonders. I suspect you also KNOW a lot... and TAKE ACTION...

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